Enjoy quiet life
in luxury villas
in Kythnos

You just found a hidden corner of luxury in Kythnos.
Kalma Living is a newly built villa complex, inspired by the raw beauty of nature and slow living lifestyle of the island.

Take some time away from distractions and melt into a much-needed, slower pace. Capturing a laid-back essence through open-air spaces, understated luxury, and undisturbed privacy, Kalma Living offers a private, secluded stay for guests looking to unwind in a refined atmosphere.

While staying in Kalma Living, anticipate a sense of being one with nature.

Time here is yours to enjoy!


Luxury Sea View Villas In Kythnos | Kalma Living


Contemporary and refined, all three villas feature private swimming pools, mesmerizing ocean views, and those little luxury touches that will make you feel at home. Inviting inside the colors and earthy feel of the villas’ natural setting, Kalma Living is sure to deliver relaxed sophistication and luxury at its best.
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Luxury Sea View Villas In Kythnos | Kalma Living
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Luxury Sea View Villas In Kythnos | Kalma Living
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Luxury Sea View Villas In Kythnos | Kalma Living
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Kythnos is a beautiful island located in the western part of the Cyclades. Small and tranquil, is probably the most discrete Greek island among the Cyclades. Preferred mostly as a weekend destination for many Athenians due to its proximity to the Greek capital, it hasn’t fallen for mass tourism and keeps its beauties largely unspoiled.
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